Print Resources for use in your church

A3 posters for display in public areas such as church hall or meeting rooms: these promote general awareness of domestic abuse and where to seek help.
Domestic Abuse A3 poster

A4 posters with more detail about domestic abuse: these are suitable for display in quieter areas, such as women and men’s restrooms, or smaller meeting rooms where someone can take time to read the information.
Domestic Abuse A4 poster

“Use and Misuse of Scripture” booklet: this booklet presents the work of the doctrine commission on passages of scripture that have often been used to justify abuse, and how to rightly understand them. It may be a helpful discussion starter for home groups. It is a particularly helpful resource for those who currently are or have in the past experienced abuse, to remind them the bible does not justify abuse.
Domestic abuse – Use and misuse of scripture – booklet

DL flyers: (one third of an A4 page, double-sided) these give more information on what domestic abuse is, and how to find help for those experiencing abuse, supporting someone else who is experiencing abuse, or someone wanting help to change their own behaviour. These flyers are suitable for public display, and for specific handouts when responding pastorally to domestic abuse situations.
These print three flyers on an A4 page (double-sided), which can be cut to make individual flyers.
Domestic Abuse DL Information Brochure