Domestic abuse is a pattern of behaviour based on using power and control over another, causing fear and intimidation.

Domestic abuse may include (but is not limited to)

  • Financial abuse: controls your access to finances, punishes you for spending, or provides money with “strings attached”
  • Spiritual abuse: criticises your faith or culture, forces you to act against your beliefs, uses Scripture to control you and cuts you off from your church family
  • Social isolation: cuts you off from family, friends or faith community
  • Verbal abuse: criticises, belittles, and blames you
  • Emotional abuse: manipulates and threatens you; causes you to live in fear and doubt yourself and your view of reality
  • Psychological abuse: threats to harm you, or your children, family members or pets, threats to spread negative information about you, or threats to kill you
  • Physical abuse: hits, punches, chokes and assaults you, damages property, harms your children or pets
  • Sexual abuse: forces you to do sexual acts without your consent, controls decisions about reproduction
  • Harassment: comes to your workplace uninvited, shows up at places unexpectedly, follows you
  • Image based abuse: shares intimate images to humiliate and embarrass you
  • Technology abuse: using technology to monitor you; constantly text or call to harass you, stalks you online or posts abusive messages

The Anglican church says NO to abuse.
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